More than a website

The Boston Logic platform integrates your website, digital marketing and customer relationships so you can capture more leads, automate follow-ups, and supercharge your business. 

In our demo we will:

  • Walk through the front and back end of the Boston Logic platform
  • Introduce you to relevant tools and features
  • Discuss how your brokerage will benefit from Boston Logic

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See why over 500 brokers & agents use Boston Logic to grow their business online

 Digital Software Suite

Say goodbye to difficult, disjointed systems and hello to happy agents that want to use your software. On the Boston Logic platform, all of your technology solutions communicate with each other so that your data always comes full circle.

A Modern Platform

Modern code means better performance, greater flexibility and faster innovation – for us, and for you. Our software is proudly made by engineers coding in Ruby on Rails, the same language used by companies like Twitter, Airbnb and Hulu.

Outstanding Design

Our design and user experience team is here to make sure your new website looks fantastic. As the front door to your brand, it has to. But great design is also about usability – helping people get things done as quickly and easily as possible.

100% Mobile Responsive

The Boston Logic platform is 100%, end-to-end optimized for any device, any screen. From your home page all the way through the back-end tools. Using our platform, you’ll be the brokerage in town that’s leading in mobile, not following.

Marketing Automation

Your face time is valuable, we want to help you get more of it back. Our marketing automation tools help you get better leads and turn more of those leads into deals by automatically sending the right people the right messages at the right times. 

Best-in-Class Integrations

From IDX search by school district, to 24/7 live chat support on your site, and everything in between. Housed in one platform, your brokerage has access to the best industry standard solutions to help you reach and exceed your goals.